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Biography: Dayna Jade is a singer/songwriter for a progressive metal band in New Jersey, who transits frequently to the Northeast, United States. Upon her travels, she often performs live shows, writes new songs, rehearses with her band, networks new contacts, while also visiting family and friends. She also does studio sessions (i.e.) vocal tracks, scratch tracks, song lyrics and melodies. Although Dayna sings metal, she is gifted in just about any genre, including rock, alternative rock, blues, pop and some country pop.

On her thoughts about music, she says, "I definitely enjoy a wide variety of music, especially growing up with both parents being singers, my mother a pop singer; father an opera singer; uncle a blues/jazz trumpet player and cousin, a conga player in a salsa band. I'm very proud to be carrying on the musical legacy my family has left behind and so diverse, to appreciate all types of music."

Dayna creates and performs music for the pure LOVE of it! Music remains her soul and heart’s desire, never ceasing, and it’s not a matter of giving up or stopping; She can’t, and never will until the day she is called home. Also, she'd like to make a difference in this world; to inspire, encourage, touch ones soul, laugh or cry, sing, dance and know, by her lyrics, to show people that they’re not alone. And for a moment, or perhaps hours, to brisk them away from life's cares with her beautiful and gifted way of expressing music.

In late 2016, Dayna became Executive Chief Administrative Officer (EVP-CAO) of The Musicians Rock Network, which entails media in video & music photography, musician support, and also providing coverage for regional, national, and world music news. Her exceptional work ethics and untiring persistence has brought the organization into a brighter scope with a broader definition. In the same year of 2016, in the month of December, she extended her career in modeling, having been photographed exquisitely and professionally on the beautiful paradise of Anna Marie Island, Florida. 

Dayna Jade is that multi-talented, yet magical woman that carries the voice of an angel, able to captivate both young and old with her vibrato and amazing vocal range! 


Dayna is located in Sarasota, Florida & travels to NJ/NYC regularly to continue as Vocalist for Original Heavy Metal Band "Arch Demon" has personal projects of her own
(In the works!! Her personal CD more coming soon)

Dayna is also available for various studio work
in different music genre's... 
And presently works with various artists 
(pop, blues, rock, country etc.)

For more information
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Presently available on site
(3 song demo from ARCH DEMON)

 ("BROKEN" reverend's song) lyrics especially written by Dayna Jade for their dear friend
& former singer (Kevin Imor) who's life was taken too soon, he will be forever missed!!


Pain Of Days (heavy metal)
(2 songs available on site)
(Fear, Another Morning)

The Jersey Syndicate (pop) 

Wench (All female Metal)

Black Pearle (hard rock)
(2 songs available on site)
(Looking for Romance, Mystical Voices

 More samples are available upon request 
& some can be heard on


All lyrics & melodies written by Dayna Jade


Click on link below & read the write up in "The Aquarian"


As always, thank you for your continued Support!!!!

Dayna Jade